We invite you to join us as we continue the conversation about auditing in the laboratory animal science industry. While we share as an industry the goal to gain assurance of welfare, compliance and mitigate risks there remains no industry standard or consistency of practice for implementation of auditing programs.

As a means to ensure performance and compliance towards standards and regulations, members of the biomedical industry routinely perform independent audits of internal and external research programs. These are rigorous audit programs that confirm adherence to welfare requirements, regulatory compliance mandates and institutional standards.

This conference will continue the conversation form last year’s “The Art of Auditing” Sharing Symposium and delve deeper into the practical issues surrounding the development of sound auditing programs. The conference will:

  • Bring together key thought leaders and audit professionals to gain perspective on the challenges posed by the current regulatory environment;
  • Provide a forum for sharing of best practices and approaches for audit programs;
  • Discuss audit modalities and how they influence and enhance one another, particularly:
    • Internal Audits – Post Approval Monitoring and Quality Assurance
    • External Audits – Research Welfare Due Diligence for Vendors and CROs
    • Risk-based audits
  • Explore the challenges of implementing sound auditing practices in academic environments
  • Discuss best practices for building GLP cores in large academic programs of animal care

Don't miss the ongoing discussion and evaluation of best practices driving continuous process improvement in the management of high quality laboratory animal programs. Through networking and active discussion we will get closer to a common understanding of global challenges in standardizing the auditing process and those who are committed to this shared goal.

The conference format will feature a special Keynote speaker, general sessions, interactive breakout tracks and networking events and opportunities. Join us in-person or online! A live webcast will be provided for the general sessions and Track 1. All sessions will be recorded and available to attendees.