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Here's a few tips to get the most out of your staff for Tech Week and all year long!

1.       Spend time with your staff.
Whether it’s stopping by their office to say hello or scheduling a team lunch, make a point to spend intentional time with your team.

2.       Invest in their career development.
Incorporate flexible training opportunities to encourage growth and development among your staff. Invite them to a one-time training session or provide a link to an online webinar – it makes them feel valued when you invest in them as an individual.

3.       Brag on their successes.
Do you have a bulletin board in a high-traffic area? Consider creating a team spotlight section to highlight the accomplishments (big and small) of your staff members. A little goes a long way when it comes to public recognition!

4.       Be their advocate.
Look for opportunities to support your team, especially when it comes to dealing with outside departments and leadership. Make it known that you’ve got their back!

5.       Listen to them and seek their input.
In a large organization, it can be difficult to have a voice. Create a forum to collect input from your staff – for tech week or all year round! And be prepared to respond or take action – nothing is worse than feedback falling on deaf ears.

6.       Have fewer formal meetings.
Meetings often feel like a necessary evil. Review the calendar and clean house: cut unnecessary meetings, aim for 30 minute blocks instead of an hour, or consider a biweekly schedule instead of weekly! Try implementing a five-minute stand-up meeting for quick updates.

7.       Get to know your staff.
Be sure to engage with others on a personal level – whether it’s starting off a staff meeting with a personal story or taking the time to recognize employee birthdays, make it personal.

8.       Set clear expectations.
Let them know exactly what you want from them. Make sure they have the skills and training to fulfill those expectations, and give them the space and opportunity to demonstrate what they know.

9.       Stop spending money to endear trust and loyalty.
Instead of expensive extracurricular activities, find out what motivates your staff – you may find that it won’t cost you anything!

10.   Encourage Small Wins.
Provide opportunities for your staff to grow in their daily roles and tasks. Small consistent steps can lead to accomplishing big goals.

AuthorWilliam Singleton