By William Singleton

How are you giving back?  What plans are we putting in to place to insure the accomplishments of our efforts are sustained long after we are no longer on the scene?  What plans and actions are we setting into motion to insure those that work for us have the best chance to excel at their current job and then possibly find success in other endeavors?

During the month of February, we in the US recognize the accomplishments of African Americans, both famous and not so famous, for the pioneering work they have done and continue to do in all walks of life.

I title this “Giving Back” because I think of how fortunate I have been in my life to know that others like me have made it possible to achieve and believe I could be and do whatever I put my mind to.  We all have different people and life experiences that have helped in both big and small ways to place us on our current path.  I am grateful for them all.  Yet many will never know how they touched and impacted my life.  So I pay it forward…….

Giving back is my way of saying thank you to all those, independent of ethnic origin, whom have contributed to the success I continue to achieve in my life. 

And here is what giving back looks like for me:

  • Mentoring students and professionals as they navigate through career choices.
  • Training a younger generation how to be a great leader.
  • Lecturing in high schools and colleges, sharing my passion for the field of laboratory animal medicine.
  • Keeping an attitude that is upbeat and positive.  Someone may follow my lead and I would like it to lead them in a great direction.
  • Contributing time and resources to my alma maters.

So how can you give back?  What opportunities are just within your reach where can you share your gifts, talents and optimism? It need not be grand or worthy of praise and accolade.  At home or at work, who is benefiting the most from your accomplishments?

We may never go to the moon or break the sound barrier in a Prius but we can have a positive life changing impact on others.

- If any of this resonated with you please feel free to share how you are giving back or even ways in which others have given back to you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

AuthorWilliam Singleton