Do you remember taking your last AALAS certification exam? Were you nervous that you hadn’t studied enough, or that maybe you studied the wrong information? For many of us, this is the case. Most facilities do not have a weekly class where you can go over information, share ideas, and develop test taking strategies. The AALAS certifications are an important part of our industry. Many of us have come to work in the field by chance, and these certifications are a way for us to show that we care enough about our work to go above and beyond the status quo. ACTS is committed to helping technicians advance in the field of laboratory animal medicine and has decided to create weekly, live, online courses designed to help you sit successfully for your AALAS exam.

Registration is open for our Online AALAS Certification Exam Prep Courses. These courses are offered at the ALAT, LAT and LATG levels and offer the convenience of recorded sessions in case you are not able to attend the weekly live session. The links below will take you to each of the exam’s registration pages. Go to our ‘online courses’ tab to learn more and register for upcoming classes!

AuthorCaroline Thompson