When was the last time you were so sure of yourself you made a guarantee?  I was a junior in high school when a good buddy and I sat in the cafeteria at the beginning of the school year and made a guaranteed that by the December break we would both be seriously dating someone.   By December only one of us had a date for the Christmas party.

Imagine going on an interview and telling the hiring manager, “I am the best person for this job and if you don’t think so, by the end of the probation period not only will I be happy to walk out at these doors never to look back, but I will also return all the money paid during the probation period”.

It’s one thing to make a guarantee and a whole other thing to offer money back. Does this sound like a stretch to you?  You may be willing to walk after the probation period.  But to give the money back, maybe not.

For the record, we need to confirm that most people making this claim do NOT intend to give the money back.   The money back guarantee is made to imply that others will be completely satisfied with the services or products promised.

So how does one make a money back guarantee?

1. Know your abilities.

2. Commit to doing nothing less than your best (all the time).

3. Broadcast your commitment.

4. Be willing to give the money back.

I recently heard a real estate agent say that in all the many years he offered a money back guarantee on the services provided, he only had one client that wanted their money back.  Can you put a money back guarantee on the work you do?  Think about what that would look like for you.  But remember that actually giving the money back is the fourth step in the process; steps 1-3 are equally important and I would dare say even more.  Could you walk into your place of work and proclaim to your manager “You will be completely satisfied with the work I provide from this day forward or I will give your money back”?  Well if you’re not quite there yet; no problem.  Here’s what you do:

1.Think about your skills in relation to your job.  If they’re awesome, you’re in good shape. If not, what training or coaching do you need to seek out to get your skills in line with your job?

2. Once your skills are in line with your job, do your best all the time every day.

3. Now it’s time to make your declaration,” I will do this job to your expectations and satisfaction…”.

And then you can say, with confidence, “…and if you aren’t completely satisfied I will give you your money back”.

AuthorCaroline Thompson