With September comes school!  From starting kindergarten to beginning high school. Lots of kids are beginning a whole new year of learning and adventures. College campuses are again full with the hustle and bustle of students.  And many researchers are beginning new projects with the influx of student scholars.  

That keeps trainers very busy in making sure everyone has the tools to ensure high standards of animal care. Whether it is preparing staff to take an AALAS Technician Certification Exam, teaching proper husbandry skills, or conducting a biomethodology lab, we know that a well-trained workforce results in quality research leading to cures and treatments for both people and animals.  

It always amazes me when I talk with a trainer in our field. Each one always seems to have an unbelievable number of job responsibilities and even more volunteer commitments.  

Kudos to all the trainers out there - juggling all of those important tasks - with one goal in mind - to make the world a better place for everyone!