I just caught myself sitting at my desk waiting for the “spray”.  The “spray” is what happens after the poop hits the fan; that event that forces me to get out of the way (do something) or get “sprayed”.  I don’t want to get “sprayed”.   Yet how often do I wait until I have to do something before I do something.  For the record, I’m preaching to the choir, and the choir really can use the preaching.  I am the choir!

What do you want to see happen for you?  What do you want to achieve?  What is that dream that is growing inside of you waiting to be birthed?  Are you moving in the direction that will get you there or are you waiting for someone or something to provide the initiative to get you to move?

I am thinking of all the institutions in this country that could benefit from the services that ACTS provides.  Instead of seeing all the possibilities of success in the past and future, I am intimidated by “NO”; those institutions that would hear of what we do and how we help, yet choose not to use our services. Even if I believe the cause for the “NO” is worthy and agreeable, I just don’t want to hear them say it.  The word “no” sometimes feels like failure and failure doesn’t always feel good.  So what do I do? I just wait.  I wait because I want to believe that sooner or later the poop will hit the fan for them and they will get the spray and come running.  But that’s not likely either.

Sure, people find themselves in tough situations all the time and in need of help.  In the grand scheme of things people need to know that ACTS exists prior to the poop hitting the fan. When institutions don’t have time to investigate us and make sure they are getting the service needed, they will turn to a name they know and trust and that name might not be ACTS.

So here is what I do:  I position ACTS in front of them and politely tell them who we are, what we do and how we may be able to help.  I ask past and existing clients to create endorsements of how engaging with ACTS has helped them. It’s our desire to help institutions avoid those crisis situations where they are forced to get help.  Although this feels self-serving, it is and it should be.

If it’s going to be then it’s completely up to me. – Daniel Hardy

What dream are you sitting on? What is in front of you that must be done?  If you find you are waiting for that moment, maybe that moment is now and now is the time to start taking the first steps toward your purpose and dreams.  If it doesn’t work straight out of the gate: no worries any dream or any goal worth its merit is worth failing for a few times.

As we all sit in well lighted rooms, take a second and realize that Thomas Edison had well over 5000 failures with the light bulb before he finally got it right.  I think we can handle a few failures as they will provide the fuel and drive to persevere.  So choir/(me) no more waiting for the spray; it’s time to move toward our purpose and dreams.

AuthorCaroline Thompson