Whether you’re looking to develop your leadership skills, challenge your current way of thinking, or just want to relax, we’ve got something for everyone! Here are our book picks for Summer 2019:

  1. Leaders Eat Last  by Simon Sinek
    Leaders need to create places of safety. We are influenced and impacted by internal chemicals/hormones. These chemicals reward us for finding community, securing safety, and finding personal connections. Leaders take care of the people entrusted to their care. Great leaders always see their people first and then their bottom line (whatever that might be).

  2. The Culture Code by  Dan Coyle
    Successful culture is built around trust, safety, and vulnerability. This was the most insightful book that I read this past year. It confirms what I believe about building great teams. Talent and technical competence are absolutely critical for any teams’ success. But when team members feel safe and valued, that’s when you will see exponential growth.

  3. Go Giver by Bob Burg & John David Mann 
    Success is not about receiving - it’s about giving. This allegory unpacks how giving is the shortest path to success. The story accounts the journey of a sales rep who is trying to land a big contract and willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. He learns that by giving he is finally able to receive.

  4. Radical Candor by Kim Scot 
    Don’t beat around the bush; say what needs to be said, but it needs to come from a place of care and compassion. Developing great relationships with your peoples sometimes requires that you have tough conversations. This book shares techniques and examples of how to do this in a way that builds strong relationships.

  5. Whiteout by Ken Follett
    Modern thriller that has its origins in an animal facility. Ken Follet is a great writer and he does a good job talking through the use of animals in research.

  6. Columbus Day by Craig Alanson
    Sci-Fi that’s fun and really entertaining. A great escape. You will be wanting more at the end and the good news is that this is a series of 7 books and all equally entertaining. You will fall in love with a “little beer can” named Skippy.

  7. Paris by Edward Rutherfurd
    Epic multigenerational drama center in Paris over a 500-year period. I couldn’t put it down. Great historical fiction

    We hope you enjoy these as much as we did! Happy reading and we will see you back at the ACTS Book Corner this fall.

AuthorCaroline Thompson