By William Singleton

Below is my first article for ALN Magazine. This has been reposted with permission. 

Welcome to The Corner Office.

This column is for all of us sitting in that proverbial corner office with its big windows and private bathroom and have struggled, succeeded and sometimes failed at providing the leadership necessary for our success and that of our staff.

Trying to get it right all the time is quite the ambitious undertaking and should be attempted with caution. That said, getting it right is actually what we are called to do as we sit in our “corner office.”

Collectively, getting it right on a granular level might look different for each of us, however at 30,000 feet getting it right really looks the same; providing quality animal care and welfare, expert support of research initiatives and the growth and development of those who report to us.

For the purpose of this column, we are going to stay at 30,000 feet considering the areas of training (learning and development) critical to assisting us in leading our staff to success. I have been told that very simple principles and tools repeatedly practiced can have a huge effect closer to “the ground”—where the real work also happens. Let’s see if that’s true.

A Different Perspective
Have you ever been on a flight with a mountain of work you were planning to get done? Often, this is the only opportunity for some uninterrupted time. Well, on this trip we are going to get that mountain of work done, but first let’s take some time to look out of the window.

What I hope we see at this height is perspective. Things do look quite different when we take a step back. If we want to have any impact on what happens on the ground, there are a few things we can do at this level to achieve personal success and the success of our staff.
Inspired by those of us that sit in the corner office and want to do good work and dedicated to those who aspire to sit in the corner office, let’s take this journey together and get some perspective at 30,000 feet.

AuthorLisa Cassaro