By William Singleton

When Teams Get Better...

  • Team members supports each other more.
  • Each member starts to master and really own their area of responsibility.
  • There is a lot more talking (productive talking).
  • Everyone gets better clarity on why they are on the team.
  • They start to have way more fun.

Quotes from team members:

"I never thought I would ever look forward to coming to work every day"

"We use to lose people all the time to other companies. Now people are lining up to work here."

"I really wasn't good at my first job assignment, but when my manager moved me to customer service, that's when I knew I was in my dream job"

"I left soon after we took on the "team" philosophy it was lame and way too intrusive. This will never work!"

"Who knew winning could be such fun. Come to think of it, even when we don't do so well we acknowledge it and figure out how it happened and how to avoid it in the future."


AuthorWilliam Singleton