Look for my presentation on Generations at the upcoming AALAS meeting!

Let me start out with a question:

Have you ever attended a sporting event and felt like you couldn’t celebrate your team’s success because the person next to you, also a fan of your team, was different from you?  It just doesn’t happen, does it?  Instead, when the touch down is scored, all the nearby fans get hugs and high fives because in that moment, we acknowledge that which unifies us.

But in the rest of life, and especially in the workplace, this unification and true “team spirit” doesn’t automatically and seamlessly happen.

At AALAS, I will present on Generations. The goal of my presentation is to help attendees appreciate the differences and similarities in individuals, independent of their generation label or date of birth.  My objective is to demonstrate how we can find ways to appreciate the similarities that unite us – in essence, those things we share in common.

Once we agree that our goal is worthy and our objective is achievable, we can discontinue further conversation regarding the disruptive nature of generational differences and instead recognize those differences as assets. Now the focus will turn to how to develop strong, vibrant, and diverse “winning” teams that do great work.

All around us, we are bombarded by pressures and entities that want to label us and put us in nice neat boxes. Boxes that define the whole of us by our individual parts - based on ethnic origin, zip code, academic success, sport affiliations, religious and political affiliations, date of birth and many other characteristics and traits. 

Over the course of my talk we will see that we do often fall into categories that others may use to define us, yet we should not – really must not - be compelled to limit who we are or what we can achieve based on the limitations prescribed by the “box”.

Great teams and great leaders look for opportunities to unify their people.  So instead of separating ourselves because of differences, let’s find ways to embrace our differences (and unique talents and contributions!) and work together towards common goals and shared causes.

See you in Denver!

William Singleton, DVM DACLAM

AuthorWilliam Singleton