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On-Demand, On-Line Learning!

The ACTS Learn+Confirm System makes it even more convenient for our clients to access best-in-class educational content. 

These convenient online modules feature job-specific skill and knowledge training to assure the highest quality of research and animal welfare. The companion tests confirm mastery over the content and help you hone in on areas that may require further study.

Both training and tests are reviewed by the ACTS Advisory Board to ensure current knowledge and industry best practices. 

Current Courses:

The first Learn+Confirm System will address Controlled Substance Training. You will be notified when additional offerings are made available.

Our new program is modeled after a proprietary system developed by the Center for Communication Compliance (CCC). CCC is the only all-in-one source for eLearning, software and change management initiatives focused on the life-sciences/healthcare compliance field.