Age of Auditing Presentations for Attendees:

Click on the Session title to download the PDF. Click on "Video Recording" to view the video. Note:  Recordings will be available until 5/11/15.


Conference expectations discussion - Video Recording

General Sessions:

It's the Law, Or Soon May Be! by Dr. Alan Dittrich   - Video Recording

Anatomy of an Audit, by Raven Catlin - Video Recording

GLP in Academia, by Dr. Christopher Scull - Video Recording

USDA - Process for Inspection by Dr. Betty Goldentyer - Video Recording

Track 1 - Due Diligence/ External auditing

Pre-audit Preparation by Amber Lange - Video Recording (note: no sound during the introduction, see speaker bio for speaker intro)

What's Hot and What's Not - Part One by Shameen Aifif-Rider - Video Recording

What's Hot and What's Not - Part Two by Shameen Aifif-Rider (on behalf of Donna Goldsteen) (see video recording above)

Research Laboratory Security and Risk Management by John Sancenito - Video Recording

Approaches to Vendor Assessment:An international perspective by Dr. Scout Chou - Video Recording

Auditing Scenarios - What Would You Do? Panel and Audience - Video Recording 1 and Video Recording 2 (scenarios continued)

ISO Certification a Vendor Perspective by Pam Huber - Video Recording

Track 2 - PAM/Internal auditing

Academic vs CRO/Vendor vs Pharma approach to PAM by Panel - Video Recording

Post Approval Monitoring vs GLP Quality Assurance by Cheryl Lees - Video Recording

PAM: A Pharma Perspective by Chris Charlebois  - Video Recording

Post Approval Monitoring in Canada by Emi Yano -  Video Recording

When Audits Collide: The Big Bang Theory of Auditing by Chris Charlebois and Odessa Giardino - Video Recording

Tailoring PAM to your Institution by Melinda Bruns - Video Recording

Incorporating USDA and AAALAC Requirements into Your Overall Inspection Practices by Jordan Publico - Video Recording

PAM Reporting by Chris Charlebois (not presented)

Track 3 - Training

Auditing: An Academic Perspective by Dr. Jennifer Davis - Video Recording

How to write the observations: Using checklists by Odessa Giardino - Video Recording

Are you prepared for an audit? by Jordan Publico - Video Recording

Tips on Achieving Objective Observation Skills for PAM by Melinda Bruns - Video Recording