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Our partners are so important to us and we accomplish a lot together. Training can be provided on your premises for all laboratory animal professionals, including animal care and technical staff, researchers, and IACUC members.

Achieve optimal efficiency

General Staff Training

  • SOP training
  • Job specific skills training
  • Effective communication skills 
  • Professionalism training
  • Managing change in the work environment
  • Career management for all staffing levels


Lead effectively

Management Training

  • Leadership training
  • Training for new supervisors
  • Training for new managers
  • How to coach your staff


Your trainer can be a superstar

ACTS will establish technical competence in your trainers and their ability to train others.

We will work with your trainers to improve the necessary skills to make them more effective trainers. Areas of focus include confidence, communication to diverse audiences, preparation and planning, self-evaluation, core technical competencies, and assessment of learners.


Train the Trainer

We offer a variety of programs to educate those who need to train others.

Each program is tailored for the individual needs of the research program and people being trained and includes:

• Technique training

• Proficiency assessment

• How to set up a training class

• How to assess competency of those trained

• Effective teaching techniques

• How to handle difficult situations

All programs include “mock sessions” and “mentorship sessions” to allow the skills learned to be applied in real-life situations while still providing guidance and support. Each session includes both self and instructor evaluations. This gives the trainees the confidence to develop into effective trainers and tools to continue their development long after the initial training program.


Good animal welfare equals good science

Species Specific Training

  • Species specific seminars
  • Hands on training for basic bio-methodologies in laboratory animals

Special Technique Training

  • Rodent endotracheal intubation
  • Rabbit endotracheal intubation
  • Anesthesia techniques for large and small animals
  • Electric and manual microtattooing techniques for rodents
  • Animal identification and genotyping
  • Intravenous and arterial access in laboratory animals
  • Aquatic species handling and care


Ensure compliance

IACUC Training

Our IACUC training is geared for new or experienced IACUC members and researchers. Our programs meet the standard expectation of training for IACUC members.  Each program includes:

  • a review of federal regulations that govern animal care and use,
  • IACUC member role and responsibilities,
  •  reviewing protocols and
  • conducting semi-annual program reviews, inspections and current topics.

We also provide Post Approval Monitoring services and training.


Consulting Services

We can better meet your needs with our unique consulting services.

  • Onsite trainer
  • Training program development
  • Training program evaluation
  • Competency assessment
  • Customized training solutions


We would be happy speak at your next event

Keynote speaker

ACTS team members have delivered presentations at major events and conferences such as national, regional and local AALAS conferences and workshops, LAMA, ILAM, PRIM&R, NJABR’s IACUC Charge and Challenge conferences,  LAWTE and international conferences. We have spoken on topics such as Developing Comprehensive Training Programs, Maximizing Available Resources to Improve Training and Staff Development, Innovations in Personnel Training, Competency Assessment, Online Training Resources, Effective Leadership Development and more.  

    If you have any questions or would like to find out when ACTS experts will be available to speak at your event, fill out the form below and one of our staff members will get back to you.

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