Training essentials at your fingertips.


The ACTS Training Program Modules are designed to provide trainers, or other knowledgeable individuals, with tools to provide consistent, quality training for animal care, research, or veterinary technicians.

The product is available electronically and as hard copies in a binder. The individual module components include a Job Skills Training Program Modules Process document, a pre-assessment, prerequisite work, a lesson plan, a post-assessment, and a performance support.

Modules can also be translated or developed by special request. Please contact us for details and cost for custom modules.



Train the Trainer Process document – This document outlines each module component and how to use it. It includes the purpose of each, what the trainer or trainee needs to do, and what the output will be.

Pre-assessment worksheet – This paper based questionnaire assesses the knowledge and experience of the trainee before any training commences.  It consists of a combination of knowledge-test questions and a self-proficiency assessment.

Self directed learning manual – This prerequisite option provides a foundation of information for the trainee to review before attending the hands-on training session. The training manual is provided in both hard copy and electronic formats.

Visual Classroom presentation  –  This additional perquisite option is a power point presentation with notes and tips for the trainer. Web-based versions are available by special request.

Lesson plan – This is a guide for the trainer in order to provide the training session.  It outlines session objectives, preparation (training items needed, type of space needed, etc.), key concepts, methods/procedures, practice recommendations, and competency assessment suggestions. Each lesson plan refers to institutional procedures/policies to ensure specific institutional compliance and to allow for tailoring of the session.

Post-assessment worksheet – This paper based exam assesses the effectiveness of the training. It provides both knowledge-test questions and a competency assessment checklist to be administered by the trainer.

Performance support document – This is a handout included as the last page of the training manual. It covers key points to serve as a reference for the trainee when then they return to the job and need to perform the procedures learned in the training session.